7 Rules for Email Campaigns

email campaign design

1. Have a well-designed custom email template. It’s not enough to place your logo on a pre-existing template. To avoid confusing viewers, brand it to be consistent with your website and collateral. Delineate areas for text to allow you to quickly replace content without starting over each time. Wondering how to craft your message? Inc.com has a great article on how to write your email content to get action.

2. Blast with regularity. Create a schedule and stick to it, but also change up your message. And if you suddenly need to send out a special blast, hey! you have a template (see #1) ready for your input.

3. Watch your subject line. If you use the wrong words in your subject line, your email may be labeled as spam. According to Boomerang, some of the words to avoid include “confirm”, “join”, and “assistance”; whereas “apply”, “opportunity” and “demo” are winners. Even when sending individual emails, you’ll get more attention using these subject-line tips from business leaders.

4. Don’t forget your links. Whether linking to a landing page or contact form, make your links obvious. Include images as links, and add linked contact information as well.

5. Blast at the right time. Studies show that Wednesdays at 9 a.m. is the optimal time to blast for the best open rates.

6. Measure the response. Use email marketing software that lets you manipulate your list, send tests, and measure response. It’ll tell you how many people opened your email and how many clicked through to your links. Our favorite is MailChimp. Other popular ones are iContact and Constant Contact.

7. Follow up. Ask any salesperson: You have to be dogged. From your email marketing app, you can see someone was interested enough to click through to your site or landing page. Maybe they downloaded a white paper. Don’t let that lead sit there; keep the conversation going. Follow through with emails or even better, a phone call, to chat about their needs.

Take a look at these great-looking campaigns; they sure don’t look like the ones I get in my inbox, how about you? Let them inspire your next blast!