Defining Your Brand Personality

Determining your company's personality is a great way to create and manage your brand. Is your corporate profile playful? Wise? Powerful? Quirky? Defining a personality can open up creative ways to develop your marketing collateral and ensure your market recognizes you. It also makes it easier to maintain consistency across web and print materials – just give each piece your corporate personality quiz.

You don't have to create a cute mascot (think MailChimp or Geico's gecko). Perhaps your core brand is closely connected to your location. You could forge a connection to your city's identity as part of your brand. Maybe your brand personality is 'natural', like Dove. Dove isn't recognized as much for soap as for its core brand of empowerment and women's natural beauty.

Authenticity Breeds Trust
The key to communicating your company's personality is to tell a story – an authentic story. Your company's founding and history could start that story. Remember the Wells Fargo stagecoach? Customers crave authenticity – and they want to know that any company they deal with is honest and consistent. This forms a basis for trust, and fosters a continuing connection.

Continually Refine Your Brand for Consistency
As with any creative pursuit, refining and editing are absolutely necessary. Once you've decided the company's core personality traits, you'll start to see which images and content do not belong, and which ones do.  In looking at your collateral, consistency must show throughout the written content, images, and social media messages. Anything that's "off" should raise a red flag: You're taking the chance that your market might misunderstand you and your product.


Brand Personality