Before & After: BerkleyNet Portal Design

We recently completed a long-term web design project for BerkleyNet, a leading provider of workers compensation services. Our task? To completely revamp their heavily-used agent and policyholder web portals.

From the beginning, the client showed they valued the concepts of branding and consistency. They invited us to meet at their newly decorated offices, which reflected the feeling they wanted to convey online. Large-format sepia photographs adorned the walls of their open streamlined space, and lime accents in the office decor told us just what we needed to know.

We commenced clearing out the clutter and designing and coding a clean, easy-to-use web portal. We worked out how to display spreadsheets, interactive forms, and detailed information without overwhelming the user.

Having consistent branding makes all the difference. This means the framework, color combinations, text, and navigation are the same throughout, creating a smooth visual transition between pages. Functions should be obvious, so the user isn't left guessing.

Take a look at the before and after images, and check out the live portal at