April 2012 Archive

You Gave Me Homework!

I have a client (a CEO) who once exclaimed, "You're always giving me homework!" And it's true. There's not a design project in the world that doesn't require client input. You could pay a designer extra fees for time spent guessing exactly what is needed, but why would you?

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7 Ways to a More Effective Email Campaign

1. Have a well-designed custom email template. It's not enough to place your logo on a pre-existing template. Decemberists emailTo avoid confusing viewers, brand it to be consistent with your website and collateral.

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The 5-Minute Website

How much time do you spend on any given website? The attention span of the average user is getting shorter (5.23 minutes per website, down from 5.49 minutes in 2009). It presents a great exercise in condensing your website's marketing message. You have five minutes! Plus, you want users to come back.

Here's five for five:

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A Word about Word

May I say something about Word? It is not a layout program. No designer wants to produce collateral in Word. It may be in their tool kit, but it's located at the very bottom.

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