May 2012 Archive

Planning for a Website

laying the groundwork“Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.”
– Thomas Edison

Thinking about a new website, or doing an overhaul of an old one? If it's a first website, it's not unusual to be unprepared for the groundwork that needs to be laid before development and design begins:

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The Business Card: Alive and Well

While a lot of marketing collateral has moved from printed to online, the business card remains a staple. Priceless when networking in the real world, an effective business card is also a must in branding. Yet they're often overlooked as a marketing tool. Sure, we can all bump our phones to get contact info, but just how memorable is your phone's contact list? I have a bowl of business cards that I've collected from contacts (the Rolex bit the dust long ago), and they feel like treasure.

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The Case for Making Sketches

"Drawing is thinking." – Milton Glaser

My natural tendency when starting to design is not to fire up Illustrator or Photoshop, but to make a sketch. Once I grab some random scratch paper, there's no hesitation. It's like a brain-drain onto paper. Milton Glaser, one of our most famous graphic designers, wrote a great book about the importance of sketching and how it enhances creativity.

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