September 2012 Archive

Why Can't Art from the Web Be Printed?

How old is the Web now? and I still get this question. It all has to do with resolution. Screen resolution (sharpness) is measured in dots per inch (dpi). Your computer screen is viewed at a much lower resolution (72 dpi) than anything being printed. Print requires at least 300 dpi. Low resolution = fuzzier. High resolution = sharpness. You can easily convert from high to low, but not the other way around. Anything captured off the web or a computer screen is 72 dpi and cannot be printed clearly and sharply.

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A PowerPoint Makeover

Vantage Venture Partners called us wanting a makeover of their PowerPoint presentation template. They had a big meeting coming up with a major domestic retailer, and needed to update their slides. We reviewed their current template and knew exactly what they needed:

•  A powerful opening slide to capture the prospect's attention
•  A font change
•  More white space
•  Streamlined charts and graphs
•  A consistent color palette

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