December 2012 Archive

When Do You Need a Tagline?

Companies often want a tagline added to their logo and brand. But is it a good idea to have one? Will it add value to your brand? When is a tagline necessary? And most important: How do you get a good one?

For insight into these questions, we reached out to Sharon Ritchey of Home Row Editorial, a Northern Virginia-based writing, editing, and content consulting company with clients across the United States.

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Purple Monday: Fifth in a Series

Moody and dramatic, purple is the traditional color of kings and queens. It is said that during the Renaissance, purple was a rare dye that only royalty could afford; therefore, the color denotes wealth and sophistication.

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Graphic Recording

A Beautiful Mix of Art and Commerce
I’m intrigued by graphic recording, a unique creative service that's going strong worldwide at meetings and conferences. It relieves PowerPoint boredom (hooray) by getting everyone more involved. During the conference, an artist works rapidly to create large drawings (typically 4'x 8') depicting the discussion between the participants. The work is then photographed and the digital images are disbursed to the participants.

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