January 2013 Archive

Planning Your Collateral: Start from the End

Marketing and branding collateral should be treated as tasks with pre-planning and schedules, Start from the endjust like other tasks the company is performing. There will occasionally be projects where everyone has to turn on a dime, but that can't be the normal way of operating. It's dysfunctional and the product gets stiffed – every time.

Determine the End Use

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Pink Tuesday: Sixth in a Series

Psychologically, pink is nurturing, calmiPantone Honeysuckle swatchng, hopeful and passionate. Pink is made by mixing red with white, and the resulting shades vary from light fleshy tones to hot pink. The color wasn't associated with femininity until the early 20th century; before that, pink was preferred for boys because it was viewed as a stronger color than blue.

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Medical Illustration: An Art Discipline Like No Other

Who is responsible for the molecular illustrations in pharmaceutical ads and medical journals? Who drew the anatomical poster in your doctor’s office?

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