brand development

1. Establish Your Company Name
Once you have a handful of names to consider, trademark research and registration is crucial for the protection of your brand. See why here.

2. Create a Tagline
A short phrase can add punch to your company’s personality, or clarify your services:

  • Incorporate a tagline into your logo.
  • Use it separately in your marketing collateral.
  • Use a catchy tagline as a hashtag on your social media platforms.

3. Design a Logo
A well-designed logo is the backbone of your brand; all communications emanate from your logo and color palette. Want to know what goes into making a great logo? These are the guidelines we adhere to.

4. Design and Produce Web and Print Collateral
Consistency is key when applying your brand to marketing collateral:

  • Be true to your brand across all media: web, print, and social media.
  • Follow the style guide provided by your designer; the rules for usage regarding fonts, colors, sizes, and logo are invaluable for maintaining consistency.
  • Create protocols and templates to ensure that collateral doesn’t send the wrong message.
  • Make sure employees and partners know about your brand’s rules and templates.
  • Don’t abuse your brand by creating collateral out of context.