email campaign design

It’s that time of year – fall and winter – when a natural opportunity opens up to communicate directly with your customers and clients. We design and code holiday emails for our own clients to send to theirs. We love these creative projects.

Are you sending regular email campaigns to your clients or customers? If not, start with a holiday email; it’s an ideal way to express appreciation for their loyalty or partnership.

  1. Use an email app. An app like MailChimp makes things easy to send a dynamic email that’s viewable on all devices. You can choose an automatic template, or ask your designer/developer to customize a template to your exact specifications.
  2. Keep it simple. In any email campaign, you want to keep your message short in order to be easily digested by viewers. For holiday emails, resist the urge to market your company. Craft your message to send thankfulness and good wishes to your customers. Keep the contact info to a minimum; a link to your website can be enough.
  3.  Images. Especially for a holiday email, choose a striking image that sets a tone and mood. Think of your company’s brand and personality: Is it playful? Sophisticated? Humorous? Go with something friendly but not jarringly different from your brand.
  4. Manage your lists. Home-grown lists are the only choice; do not use purchased lists. They are illegal and email apps will not accept them. Tend your lists regularly and carefully. Add new contacts while updating contact information for existing ones.
  5. Re-use your email image for social media. Recycle! Reconfigure your email’s image and message to use on your social medial posts. Or just post the image and create another custom message to accompany it.