Creating an Effective Contact Page

contact page design

The design of a website’s contact page is often neglected – slap together a contact form, address and Google Maps image, and voila! – done. But in fact your contact page is the perfect opportunity to show users that you care about hearing from them: Statistics show that the contact page typically has a high visitation rate. Let’s take a look at how you can make that page work for you:

Tweak Your Message
Instead of merely having “Contact Us” as your text on that page, be inventive and create some unique, user-friendly copy. Here’s a chance to show your company’s personality, as well as to reiterate some of your services.

Streamline the Contact Form
Look at your form – can you delete unnecessary fields? Too many fields and users are put off. Recent HubSpot research showed that reducing four form fields to three can increase conversion by almost 50%. That’s an easy fix that’s hard to pass up.

Provide Help in the Contact Form
Your goal is to make it easy for a user to fill out the form. One way is to provide “ghost text” in the fields, which hints at the format and information. The user feels more comfortable knowing they’re filling out the form correctly and thus are more likely to complete it and submit.

Make it clear which fields are mandatory (if any), so the user isn’t confused or confronted by an error message when the form won’t submit. People are turned off by error messages in general, and might give up for that reason alone.

Offer Multiple Ways to Connect
Aside from the form, give users other ways to connect with your company – email address, phone numbers, and your company’s physical address.

The Contact page is also a great place for social media links. Repeating them on this page makes sense; it’s all about communication – whether they retweet you, like your Facebook company page, share your blog post, or connect on Instagram or LinkedIn.

Take a look at some great examples of contact pages here.