Does Your Brand Need a Style Guide?

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Your company’s brand is more than your logo. If you distribute print marketing materials, have a website and ad campaigns, or use social media, your colors, fonts, and images affect your messaging. A style guide can be a great asset to maintain branding consistency.

Plus, if employees have access to your press kit and logo files, they need a guide to using the various branding elements — the right way and the wrong way. The same applies to any outside vendor who will be designing with your brand elements.

What are the main components of a style guide?

  • Color palette: primary and secondary colors, plus color formulas for print and web
  • Branded typestyles and fonts, with an alphabet sampler and a size and usage guide
  • Logo usage guidance, showing the correct surround space, size, proportion and colors

Need more? A style guide can even help steer your messaging:

  • Templates to follow for print collateral, web pages, and presentation decks
  • The type of imagery that is acceptable, and how to use it for all media: social media, website, ad campaigns, and print materials
  • Examples of how to set the tone of written or spoken content

A style guide gives you control over your branding by lessening the risk of someone using your logo incorrectly, or creating a one-off marketing piece that looks nothing like your company. Consistency is key, making your company more credible and trustworthy.