Fill Your Collateral With Color

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Color changes everything.

No doubt about it, color is a feeling. Using bright, eye-catching colors in your brochure, website or email marketing will grab your customers’ attention and give them a good feeling about your product. Don’t be blah! Be colorful.

Here’s how to add color in both print and web collateral:

1. Search for fresh, colorful photography. 
Using dynamic, colorful photos is probably the easiest way to add color to collateral. And go big: Don’t be afraid of using large images.

2. Brighten up your graphics.

Do you have icons, chart and graphs in your collateral? Get out of the gray zone and make them more colorful.

3. Use color in your headline fonts

Using color in your headlines gives a shot of contrast and breaks up the content. Stick with black or gray for body copy.

4. Use a color background behind text.
For good readability, be sure to tweak the size and color of overlaid text, and the brightness of the background. Text needs contrast to be easily read.

Want more proof that color can communicate? Visit our portfolio to see how we’ve effectively used color for our clients.