Get More Eyes on Your Blog Posts

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adding images to your blog

Want to get more eyes on your blog posts? If your blog is usually text-oriented, adding images and/or text treatments can really elevate your posts. Take a winner’s lap when the writing is done, then sit down and add an image, illustration, or text treatment. Any one of these can attract more readers and enhance their experience of your blog.

Using Images or Illustrations

Even without design expertise, you can still add an image to your post. So simple! Adding an image can:

  • enhance the user experience by breaking up the text, making your post easier to read
  • benefit your branding
  • maybe lead to a higher Google ranking (what if your image goes viral?)

To find good images:

  • Search stock photo sites like or free sites like
  • Avoid stale, overused images seen everywhere. Instead, try for something a bit unique and think conceptually, not literally.

Designing Text Breaks

If you have a bit of an eye for design, you can create special text treatments for your headline or subheads. You’ll need an app like Adobe Illustrator or InDesign, or even try Word if that’s your usual app (admittedly Word has limited design capacity). Then capture a screenshot to insert into your blog. Some ideas:
  • Try blocks of color with the headline inside knocked out to white.
  • Separate text blocks with colored dotted lines
  • Use call-outs (brief quotes from your text) in a unique way to break up the text.
After a few tries, you may find yourself wanting to add an image for every post you write; they’ll look empty without them!