visual design

Give your business goals a push during this extraordinary time.
Circumstances change, and business goals need to be adjusted to adapt. Great visual design and marketing provide the fuel. How are your goals changing – to attract new markets, or create a new product? To create momentum with current customers? To make your website a magnet for new business? Don’t forget these top strategies:

Create Cohesive Branding
Branding is more than a good logo. An effective branding strategy ensures a consistent message, a consistent look, and a consistent feel. And, ideally, it reflects your company’s behavior and ethos.While creating new marketing collateral, ask yourself:
• Is it in line with our established message and branding?
• Does it look like us? Will others recognize us when they see it?
Don’t mess up on making your first impression. Inconsistent branding makes buyers wary of placing their trust in your company and its products.

Has your research shown that your solutions or products could be tweaked to appeal to an entirely new market? This means taking a look at all of your current marketing collateral to see where and how it needs to be adapted. You may need a completely re-tooled website, or a product-oriented site vs. a corporate site. Your social media approach will certainly have to adapt. How will you communicate with new markets? Your outreach will have to be re-made. Your product branding will have to be created — all new.

Don’t Forget Content Marketing
Content marketing is not about the products a company sells. By creating videos, blogs, and social media with valuable content aimed at a clearly defined audience (from your market research), your company becomes associated with offering good information. This attracts loyalty to your brand, ultimately resulting in consumer action.

Have a Serious SEO Plan for Your Website
Implement a comprehensive SEO strategy to attract new audiences to your website. Content is huge here. Google rewards pertinent content; they know when you’ve written the right stuff. We make sure to optimize all of our clients’ websites, resulting in several ranking #1 in Google search.

Marketing and visual design have always been about adapting; let them work for you.