How We Juggle Multiple Projects

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Our graphic design projects run the gamut from print projects and pitch decks to website design and online campaigns – and all are deadline-oriented. There’s nothing like juggling multiple projects to highlight the value of time management. Here are some not-so-hidden secrets that work for us – and will work for you:

  • Good project management can’t be underestimated.
    Determining the project scope, lining up vendors, scheduling the tasks, and keeping everything and everyone on time is a challenge. We define the steps, develop checklists and stay on top of our plan. Good project management is a must in order to meet deadlines and handle the cliffhangers of going live with a website, or making those last-minute changes before a going to press. Clients also need to be managed. They often cause delays; we use deadlines as a tool to make them act.
  • Manage expectations.
    We set a high bar for quality, but overpromising on the schedule is never good. Promising a task will be done early nearly always jinxes it. We establish clear expectations from the beginning and create a practical timeline. So if something pops up unexpectedly, it’s likely we can go the extra yard without blowing up the schedule.
  • Don’t complicate things.
    It’s easy to complicate a project. There’s always a tweak or benefit we could add. But trying to fit in something that’s not really necessary can mess up deadlines and budgets. Plan for a future Phase II, especially when working with online projects, where additions can be incorporated later without starting over.
  • Let’s hear it for teamwork!
    No one person can do it all and do it well. Shed your ego and hire team members with the expertise to take on tasks for which you have neither the time nor talent. One of the best experiences you’ll ever have at work is being part of a great team that coordinates together to deliver high-quality work – and on schedule.

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