5 Things Your Competitors Can Teach You About Direct Mail

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Direct mail is trending again. Why? Because digital marketing has crowded the space. Be assured: Your competitors are using direct mail to stand out.

What do they know that you don’t? Keep reading!

1. Personalize your mailing.

Technology makes it easier than ever to research your audience. Design your mailing to reflect their specific needs and interests. Then group your mailings into smaller amounts. Mailing smaller but more targeted amounts delivers results.

2. Integrate your mailing with digital campaigns.

QR codes or personalized URLs lets readers scan or go to your targeted landing page from their smart phones. Does your website have landing page dedicated to your mailing topic? It should.

3. Use unique coupon codes.

Unique coupon codes can’t be shared, and make the customer feel special. Plus, you can track the codes to find out more about your readers.

4. Keep it simple, and go big.

Go back to simplicity and authenticity. Instead of lots of text clutter, grab attention with oversized postcards and envelopes, using minimal text and lots of white space. More postage, but your piece will get more second looks.

5. Color changes everything.

Color creates a mood. Carefully choose the colors in your design to convey the feeling you want. Resourceful? Playful? There’s a color for that!