How Important Are Team Portraits?


Our clients ask: How important is it to show our faces on our website? Should we post photos of the executive team? I always answer “yes” to this question. Viewers like to see the faces of the company leadership alongside their biographies. However, if you’re not willing to hire a professional photographer for the job, be careful.

Amateur shots can look terrible, and cast doubt on the company’s credibility (not to mention what they can do to employee morale). Absolutely no one is interested in looking at bad photos.

A professional photographer can take your whole team in one day’s shoot. Whether you prefer formal or informal, there’s no substitute for good lighting and background. Plus, a good photographer develops a rapport with his/her subjects, getting them to relax and be themselves – and thus more photogenic. Take a look at what’s possible with a real pro in corporate portrait photography.

Also, consider hiring a stylist. Photoshop’s Magic Wand can fix a lot of woes, but we’ve learned it helps to have a stylist who can powder shiny foreheads and noses, smooth hair that’s sticking out every which way, and supply a replacement jacket or top.

Speaking of wardrobe, your face should be the focus of the photo, not your clothes. Keep these tips in mind:
•   Wear solid colors, preferably dark, jewel-like colors such as royal blue, garnet, purple, jade
•   If you do wear a white or light-colored top, add a dark jacket
•   Avoid patterns – no stripes, plaids or checks
•   Wear long sleeves – bare arms distract from the face

Corporate portraits don’t have to be stuffy and static. For some examples of great team pages with photo portraits, look at these trends. Who wouldn’t want to work with these guys? Team pages can convey your company’s culture and personality in a way nothing else can. And when you want to look professional, use a professional.


Photos by Frank Ockenfels