Make a Big Impact with 4 Easy Website Updates

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Looking to update your website? Just a few tweaks can make a big difference in how your audience experiences your site.

  1. Change the background. If your web pages have a colored background or texture, delete it and switch to white. This quick change to a white background makes your pages look more streamlined, making the content easier for users to digest.
  2. Change your fonts (first make sure they’re web-friendly) to a more unique font for headlines, and use a sans serif font in body text for better readability.
  3. Increase the size of your images, while decreasing the number. Using one large image is more impactful than having multiple small images scattered on a web page.
  4. Add a contact form. Only having your company’s email link can cause problems for users with browser-based email (i.e., Add a contact form with required fields. A form makes it easy for a user to get in touch – and lets you capture information for your mail list.