KTech Cybersecurity Website Design

KTech Cybersecurity solves cybersecurity problems and mitigates future threats for the Department of Defense and other agencies. They needed a website that showcases their experience, expertise, and Federal contracts information.

  • Their market is government, but instead of the usual Federal government colors of red, white and blue, we introduced a dark copper color to offset their branded blues and grays.
  • We’ve been getting more requests for including video in client sites and indeed, this client requested video to set them apart from the competition. They chose a loop from stock video resources.
  • The site is a custom WordPress site; WordPress is the very best Content Management System for both speed and security.

Have a look at the complete new site here!

  • Web Design
  • Photoshop

KTech Cybersecurity

KTech Cybersecurity website: https://www.k-techllc.com