SMR Group Website Design

SMR Group, an international security recruitment company, was ready for a new website. We gave their new site a breath of fresh air – by using white space to design cleaner pages, and by adding a more subtle color palette. And there’s more:

  • We introduced dark teal as a second color to offset their branded burgundy color, which can look outdated.
  • By incorporating oversized, full-screen banner images, we addressed the larger screen size that has been established among users’ devices. (Older sites can look tiny on today’s computer screens.)
  • In addition, we designed the layouts with a larger text size to make the written content more readable.
  • We created a streamlined navigation, using selected dropdowns and simplifying the double top navigation.
  • SMR Group will be updating images and content themselves, so we consolidated the image sizes to make cropping and sizing that much easier.
  • The client asked to include video to give the site a unique feel. We recommended using one for the home page only, reasoning that using other small videos on the site would distract versus add value. Remember when choosing videos that a 1920 x 1080 file size is usually optimal for embedding on your site. Instead of embedding, you could choose to host your video on YouTube or Vimeo, in order to save space on your server.
  • The site is a custom WordPress site; WordPress is the very best CMS for speed and security.

Take a look at the new site here!

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SMR Group

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