Repair the Trust and Keep Your Customers

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As a valuable marketing tool, your website needs monitoring. It’s easy to put off regular critiques and updates for your site. But if you want to keep customers, those tasks are imperative.

Without regular reviews and maintenance, you can miss frustrating glitches, malfunctions, or even a completely broken site. Meanwhile, users are noticing. They trust that their interactions with your site will go smoothly. Once bitten, they are unlikely to visit again.

What makes frustrated users click away?

  • Broken forms or links
  • Too many clicks to get to where they want to go
  • Functional glitches: video, 3-D viewing, sliders, chat, logins
  • Jumbled layouts
  • Missing elements, such as product images

Repair the trust and keep your customers

Take a tour through your entire site to note and correct problems – or contact your web support company for help. Updating plugins and correcting errors also optimizes your site’s security and can largely prevent hacking.

Remember: If you have a broken website, you’re breaking trust with your market.