Show your brand some love

Changes in your business, in your market, and in the world can destabilize your company’s branding and message. How can you best tend your image in this time of big change?

Gather all of your company collateral for a general review.
Include websites, print materials, presentation decks, logos, signage, social media profiles, ads and so forth. Look at them as a whole, and then individually. Ask yourself some questions:

Has our market changed?
The pandemic has brought unexpected losses as well as unforeseen opportunities. Adjust your brand to the new habits of your buyers by polishing your collateral’s content to reflect the market’s new realities.

  • Update both text and images to show what people are experiencing now.
  • Blog about it!
  • Build new email campaign lists to reach new markets.

Is this an opportunity to pivot our products?
Can you adjust your solutions and products to serve a unique new need? Think about creating all-new content with branded materials, so that your brand itself is unique. And remember that the tone of your messaging is part of your brand.

An extensive marketing campaign using multiple media may be necessary to get the word out. Or you may only need a new product logo, with a website refresh. How can you stand out from the crowd?

Is our branding unique while being consistent?
Your brand can help you stand out from the crowd, while consistency creates trust, authority and credibility. When making changes, is your brand still one-of-a-kind? Is it consistent regarding logo use, colors, fonts, and its general look and feel? Bring all of your marketing materials into alignment for the most impact.