When Is It Time to Update Your Brand?

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Remember when your brand was shiny and new? Branding materials are always reflective of the design norms prevalent at the time they were created. You may think your brand is timeless, but it’s easy to become complacent after a few years. Fonts, colors and graphic elements (remember swooshes?) can all show their age in the presence of new design trends.

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The Power of Branding

Drilled down to the basics, marketing is all about getting noticed. You can do great work, produce a great product, provide the best customer service – but none of that matters if your market isn't even aware of your company's existence.
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Baby Blues and Pinks

How do you feel about the colors pale pink and baby blue? If you're like most of our clients, your reaction to using these in your company materials is "no way!" Often seen as childish and too "soft" for business, pink and blue rarely show up in corporate collateral.

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Defining Your Brand Personality

Determining your company's personality is a great way to create and manage your brand. Is your corporate profile playful? Wise? Powerful? Quirky? Defining a personality can open up creative ways to develop your marketing collateral and ensure your market recognizes you. It also makes it easier to maintain consistency across web and print materials – just give each piece your corporate personality quiz.

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Naming Your Company or Product

"The beginning of wisdom is to call things by their right names."
– Chinese Proverb

Naming a company or a product isn't as simple as it seems. Company founders may have a favorite name, or they name the company after a product, a location or themselves (for example initials and hybrids of first and last names). However, be aware what is obvious to those closest to the company may not translate well to the general public or chosen market. Words are powerful, and can work against you as well as for you.

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A Word about Word

May I say something about Word? It is not a layout program. No designer wants to produce collateral in Word. It may be in their tool kit, but it's located at the very bottom.

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7 Tips for Effective PowerPoint

The word "PowerPoint" elicits groans from those who have to create presentations and those who have to sit through them. Just say "no" to the torture, and follow these seven tidbits of advice to keep your audience responsive.

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The Good Logo

Oreo cookieDesigning a logo is like solving the best puzzle ever. Essentially, I'm distilling a company's story into a simple graphic. Like all good art, the simplicity is a cover for a deeper complexity. There's a mystique and a sense of cleverness about logos; upon closer inspection, you can find hidden patterns and double meanings.

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The Worst Branding Mistake

It doesn't cost more money to make marketing communications consistent, so why don't more businesses do it? Do your company's website and print collateral share similar branding of colors, logos, layouts and fonts – or does each marketing piece look vastly different from the other? We notice this a lot, and you can bet that customers notice, too.

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