Defining Your Brand Personality

Determining your company's personality is a great way to create and manage your brand. Is your corporate profile playful? Wise? Powerful? Quirky? Defining a personality can open up creative ways to develop your marketing collateral and ensure your market recognizes you. It also makes it easier to maintain consistency across web and print materials – just give each piece your corporate personality quiz.

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Creating An Effective Contact Page

The design of a website's contact page is often neglected – slap together a contact form, address and Google Maps image, and voila! – done. But in fact the contact page is the perfect opportunity to show users that you care about hearing from them: Statistics show that the contact page typically has a high visitation rate. Let's take a look at how you can make that page work for you.

Tweak Your Message

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Website: Before & After

Triad Technology Partners' Website Morphs to Phase II

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Print: Stayin' Alive

The tremendous media coverage of "new" marketing methods such as web, email, mobile and social media might make you think they are eclipsing traditional print collateral. However, statistics show that professionals are not forsaking print for digital; indeed, print magazines are one of the top forms of media they use. And social media ranks last.

Print is not dead – it has too much going for it.

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Posting Team Portraits

A client asks: How important is it to show ourFrank Ockenfels' portrait of Mad Men's Don Draper faces on our website? Should we post photos of the executive team? I always answer "yes" to this question. Viewers like to see the faces of the company leadership alongside their biographies.

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Why You Need Website Maintenance

We see it all the time: A dynamic, great-looking website is launched, and then . . .  sits there. Why have a website if it's not being used to bring in new customers or service the current ones? It's a head-scratcher for any web developer, and certainly for any marketer.

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The Good Logo

Oreo cookieDesigning a logo is like solving the best puzzle ever. Essentially, I'm distilling a company's story into a simple graphic. Like all good art, the simplicity is a cover for a deeper complexity. There's a mystique and a sense of cleverness about logos; upon closer inspection, you can find hidden patterns and double meanings.

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