Time to Spring Clean Your Collateral

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Does your website look dated compared with newer sites? Have you been using the same newsletter template for years? Is your brochure content completely outdated? Maybe your brand no longer reflects your market and services.

It’s easy to become complacent and not notice how your dated marketing materials are affecting your business. Sometimes they only need freshening up, not a complete overhaul. We help our clients do that by incorporating new colors, images, fonts, or entirely new designs – while retaining their established brand.

Now is a good time to give your marketing collateral a thorough cleaning – scour your materials with these five tips in mind:

1. Look for outdated content and do a rewrite or refresh.

2. Replace old, stale images with new ones. Outdated technology, retro fashion, and old concept images like chess or puzzle pieces can really strain your company’s credibility.

3. Is your web design current? Web design trends come and go at a fast pace, and old ones can age your site. Sometimes all it takes is a little tweaking to update the look and feel.

4. Convert your content. Do you have digital content that can be converted to a print marketing piece, such as a brochure or ad? Conversely, do you have a new print piece whose content can be added to your website?

5. Refresh your SEO. SEO rules are constantly changing to keep up with Google. If you haven’t implemented the items below, your site is likely suffering in page rankings:

• SSL certificate and privacy policy
• Breadcrumb trail
• Optimized images for quick loading and using .alt tags
• Site optimized for speed on responsive device

Once you’ve identified what needs cleaning, make a plan with your designer to get going on a refresh.