What Makes a Successful Landing Page?

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A landing page is a web destination that offers your customers something of value and encourages them to take action. The page is focused on conversion (making a specific sale or gaining a lead), as opposed to a website product page, which focuses on what your company offers in general. Customers reach your landing page by clicking a link from your ad, email campaign, a blog, website home page, or social media.

What Elements Should You Include on Your Landing Page?

Think of your primary goal: What do you want the customer to do? The CTA (Call to Action) is probably the most important element of the page. The client responds by clicking on a link to purchase a product, fill out a form, register for an event – whatever action you want them to take.

These three elements make up the best landing pages:

  • a short but clear message
  • a value proposition
  • an emphasized CTA

Tips for Creating a Successful Landing Page

  • Use an image or video to show context
  • Design for your market’s preferred device(s)
  • Keep your copy short and concise
  • Use a clean, uncluttered design
  • Delete any other navigation or links
  • Include authentic social proof
  • Optimize for SEO