Will You Catch the Illustration Wave?

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using illustration in marketing
Have you noticed illustration is enjoying a resurgence on websites, social media and print materials? We have! Image trends cycle through in popularity, just as colors and fonts do. Photography and illustration both have their uses; is it time for you to catch the illustration wave?

Some good reasons to use illustration (vs. photography):

1. Your brand has a lighthearted or humorous slant – or your market does. Children’s products, food brands, health, beauty and fashion all lend themselves to illustration.

2. A good many of your competitors are using illustration, making your use of photography look dated and out of touch.

3. You want to inject some personality into your collateral for a fresh, colorful look.

4. Illustrations can be customized by your designer, including re-coloring, resizing or deleting and adding elements. Make sure to purchase the vector (editable) version of any stock illustration.

You’re sold! What NOT to do when using illustrations:

1. Don’t mix illustration styles. Just as your brand needs consistency, so does your illustration style. Search for the same artist or similar drawings.

2. Don’t use dated, cluttered styles unless you’re doing tongue-in-cheek retro. Try to find new, streamlined illustration styles.

3. Avoid being too cartoony or comical. If you’re in a serious market, a more sophisticated style will fit your brand better.

4. Be careful when using photography AND illustrations. Depend on your designer to create a careful mix that doesn’t look confusing.