When Is It Time to Update Your Brand?

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Remember when your brand was shiny and new? Branding materials are always reflective of the design norms prevalent at the time they were created. You may think your brand is timeless, but it’s easy to become complacent after a few years. Fonts, colors and graphic elements (remember swooshes?) can all show their age in the presence of new design trends.

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What is CMS?

Has it been several years – or maybe more – since your company website was updated? Maybe you've heard the term "CMS" tossed around and are wondering what it's all about. Today, many sites are being programmed using a CMS platform, and yours probably should be, too.

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Before & After: BerkleyNet Portal Design

We recently completed a long-term web design project for BerkleyNet, a leading provider of workers compensation services. Our task? To completely revamp their heavily-used agent and policyholder web portals.

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Read Our New Design Case Studies

We've posted a handful of new case studies on recent web design projects. Have a look here to see how we helped clients like Triad Tech Partners, Crisis1, and ReveraGen with brand new looks and functions for their corporate websites.

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The Power of Branding

Drilled down to the basics, marketing is all about getting noticed. You can do great work, produce a great product, provide the best customer service – but none of that matters if your market isn't even aware of your company's existence.
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Baby Blues and Pinks

How do you feel about the colors pale pink and baby blue? If you're like most of our clients, your reaction to using these in your company materials is "no way!" Often seen as childish and too "soft" for business, pink and blue rarely show up in corporate collateral.

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Using Professional Photography on Your Website

One of the hallmarks of a good corporate website is having a great-looking About Us or Staff section, where the employees' photographs are consistent with the corporate profile, and look the absolute best they can. How do you achieve this? Time to call a professional photographer.

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Defining Your Brand Personality

Determining your company's personality is a great way to create and manage your brand. Is your corporate profile playful? Wise? Powerful? Quirky? Defining a personality can open up creative ways to develop your marketing collateral and ensure your market recognizes you. It also makes it easier to maintain consistency across web and print materials – just give each piece your corporate personality quiz.

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Bucking the Trend of Generic Logos

As a designer, I've noticed that there's a trend toward the generic in logo design. The still-popular 'swooshes' from the '90s, overused fonts, people as nature objects – all are cliches. Granted, thousands of business are started every year so we're bound to see copycat logos. But the dumbing down of logos is largely due to the availability of "free" resources on the web.

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Time to Plan Your Holiday Email Marketing

Does your company send holiday greetings? Do you mail a pre-printed holiday card, send gifts, or use email? We design custom holiday emails for our clients, from Thanksgiving to Christmas and New Year's. They have found that email is a great way to connect with their customers because it's a multi-tasker, with the ability to target different lists, personalize the salutation, and include a special deal or offer. Another plus: They get higher open rates on holiday emails as opposed to other times of the year.

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