Designing Your Presentation

We first blogged about presentation design a couple of years go. Today, who isn't presenting? Everyone should have the experience of making a presentation.

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Wishing and Hoping for a Marketing Miracle?

You just got a new logo,  a cool website, and some great-looking collateral; your brand is out there. Now what? Letting your website and marketing collateral gather dust is like tossing a coin into the fountain – you can wish and hope that they continue to work for you, but they won't – not without tweaks, updates, redesigns, and downright overhauls.

Fingers crossed

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Creating An Effective Contact Page

The design of a website's contact page is often neglected – slap together a contact form, address and Google Maps image, and voila! – done. But in fact the contact page is the perfect opportunity to show users that you care about hearing from them: Statistics show that the contact page typically has a high visitation rate. Let's take a look at how you can make that page work for you.

Tweak Your Message

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4 Secrets of Managing Multiple Projects

We had a busy autumn and winter, launching a handful of websites, several print projects, online campaigns and presentations. There's nothing like juggling multiple projects to highlight the value of time-management and streamlining. Here are some not-so-hidden secrets that work for us:

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Pantone Color of the Year

Each year, Pantone, the universal color system, chooses a 'color of the year'. For 2014, it's Radiant Orchid, a vivid purple hue that has more red than blue. Pantone claims that Radiant Orchid "emanates great joy, love and health". That certainly agrees with most interpretations of the color purple, along with connotations of royalty, which then lead to power, leadership and luxury.

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Retro Typography and Packaging

I took a tour through the Typehunting blog recently, where they post terrific photos of products from the past, specifically focused on the typography. The simplicity of the designs – before sophisticated packaging – are appealing, given what we're confronted with at today's stores.


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Can Color Be Trademarked?

Cadbury loses its case for the color purple.

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Excellence in Product Design

Retro Metro
The world is expanding, but at the same time it feels like my attention is only aimed at my mobile devices. I'm starting to love anything that doesn't require me to be hunched over and squinting at my iPhone.

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Color Theory in Outer Space

It's a vision in pink.

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How Big Should Your Logo Be?

Have you ever noticed that the bigger the company, the smaller the logo's footprint? It's relatively small on collateral such as websites and brochures. They don't have to 'shout' their name because they're an established brand.

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