What Exactly is Print Procurement?

An interview with Jim McGinnis, Manager of Creative Services at SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management).

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5 Cool Design Blogs

This week I'm highlighting some design blogs that will really open your eyes.

1. Cool Hunting. This site covers the gamut of design and innovation, and offers their information in every variety: text, video, audio, social media – and they even localize to your city. Updated daily.

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Poor PowerPoint

How about we revisit presentation design this week? In light of the breaking news about NSA's PRISM tiddlywinks powerpointsurveillance program, and the attendant PowerPoint slides they use to describe it, it seems fitting. Just how ugly are those slides? Pretty ugly. I see Tiddlywinks when I look at the multiple oval shapes used.

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Print Collateral: Up Your Game

Ever since online and digital files have become prominent, print has suffered. And because printed marketing collateral is not as prolific, new businesses are not educated in how their collateral should be printed. I've had a client ask me questions about using FedEx Kinko's to print a corporate brochure.

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Which CMS is Right for Your Site?

Has it been several years – or maybe more – since your company website was updated? Maybe you've heard the term "CMS" tossed around and are wondering what it's all about. Many sites are being programmed using a CMS platform nowadays, and yours probably should be, too.

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10 Questions We Asked Our Web Developer

An Interview with NOVA Web Group

Recently we sat down and talked with our web programming partner, Natalie Rose, of NOVA Web Group, to see what first got her interested in web development, what’s currently happening in her field of expertise, and what trends she sees on the horizon.

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Designing an Interior Design Site

One of our recent projects was the design and development of a website for, an interior design company in Reston, Virginia. To showcase the company's portfolio of client home interiors, we designed the templates with multiple slideshows.

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6 Ways to Minimize Writing Errors

A recent Atlantic article asked, "Does Spelling Count?". The author, a teacher, is very strict with her students about spelling. But what about adults who can't spell or write a grammatically correct sentence?

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What's in Our Toolbox, Part II

Last week we talked about the retro, old-school tools that graphic designers still use. This week, it's the hi-tech stuff.

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