Designing for the Government

We love having a wide variety of clients. A key aspect of our business is recognizing that clients are different, and tailoring the design style accordingly. Government, financial and legal clients pose a special challenge: They must appear trusted and stable, yet not out of touch.

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The Good Logo

Oreo cookieDesigning a logo is like solving the best puzzle ever. Essentially, I'm distilling a company's story into a simple graphic. Like all good art, the simplicity is a cover for a deeper complexity. There's a mystique and a sense of cleverness about logos; upon closer inspection, you can find hidden patterns and double meanings.

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How Not to Be a Lame Exhibitor

Welcome to planning for a tradeshow. Are you embarrassed by your booth while streams of conference-goers walk on without even glancing your way? If your company shows up at tradeshows with only a brochure, business cards and a seat at the fold-out table, believe me, you look lame. Here's how to gain some self-respect and garner leads:

Invest in a booth display. Skip the tabletop and go for a full 10' x 10' popup, at minimum. The investment is well worth it.

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Our Website's All New

You're reading this on our newly designed website. It wasn't just a refresh; it was more of a demolition. We blew up our old site and started over, adding portfolio slideshows, case studies, and this blog. There's nothing like doing your own site for learning new stuff. And it's exciting to showcase our work and our clients.

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Color: Playing Favorites

Pantone 17-1463A lot of my clients say they know nothing about color, and want me to make those choices. But when the time comes to choose from several logo options or to review a website design, they suddenly have fierce color preferences. I love their realization: Color can communicate.

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The Worst Branding Mistake

It doesn't cost more money to make marketing communications consistent, so why don't more businesses do it? Do your company's website and print collateral share similar branding of colors, logos, layouts and fonts – or does each marketing piece look vastly different from the other? We notice this a lot, and you can bet that customers notice, too.

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