Your Website is a Marketing Machine

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web marketing Q&A

Did you know your website is a marketing machine waiting to happen? There are multiple opportunities to leverage your website: To sell your services, define your brand, and communicate with customers and prospects. Don’t let your site be passive; use it as an effective business tool.

Here are 5 questions web clients often ask us; read on to find out why we always answer YES.

Should we show our product or services on the home page? Yes!
• Your home page should clearly show what your company provides.
• Design your navigation to lead users where YOU want them to go first.
• Keep your home page free of clutter; move secondary content elsewhere.

Do we need an SEO strategy? Yes again! Here’s why:
• SEO is how you are found in internet search; why have a website that cannot be found?
• An SEO strategy defines your competition and goals in attracting web traffic.
• Results can then be measured by the goals you’ve set.
• Hire an SEO expert to get top results; they have the knowledge and access to the right tools.

Can we use our website to attract new hires? Yes, and it’s easy!
• Showcase your employees in an upbeat, positive way.
• Create a careers section with job postings and contact form.
• Link to your careers section from the home page.
• Post a job feed on the home page.

Do we need to have a contact form? Yes, definitely.
• A contact form allows you to build a legitimate mailing list.
• A form lets you guide the user to provide the specific information you want.
• Additionally, a landing page form lets you fulfill a coupon or subscription you’re offering.

Should we use leadership or employee headshots on our company website? Yes! Here’s how:
• Users like to see faces they can connect with; a written bio is not as interesting without an image to relate to.
• Make sure everyone looks their best.
• Use a similar background for each shot.
• A professional photographer will make sure of those last two points – don’t even think of using amateur shots; it will be obvious. Your company is professional; hire a professional.